Full Bar Service

Speranza Banquet Hall offers a full service bar for all our events whether they are social or corporate events.

Once you have chosen what kind of bar service you would like for your event, it is our responsibility to look after your guests and the drinks that are being served. We will become an extension of you as the host and ensure all your guests get the best drinks of their choice.

The different bar options are:

Cash Bar: With a cash bar, the guests will pay for each drink that they wish to purchase.

Open Bar: An open bar gives you the option of either purchasing your own alcoholic beverages prior to the event or choose from the variety of drinks that we offer onsite. If you choose to purchase your own drinks, you will have more control on the options and quantities you would like to offer to your guests.

Consumption Bar: For a consumption bar, the host is charged based upon the quantity of beverages consumed. Regardless of which kind of bar option you choose, we will always have expert bartenders taking care of your guests.